Community Moves is all about the ‘Community’. Yes, the group exercise classes and PT options have been developed to improve our members physical fitness and overall health, however, far greater outcomes include the social and psychological benefits that comes from sharing positive experiences with like-minded people.
It is our goal to create a program and service that welcomes people from all backgrounds and offers more than just physical fitness benefits.

“It’s been great getting to know the group. This has had a really positive influence on my attitude towards exercise.”

– J Grierson



As the head trainer and creator of Community Moves, Van has applied his knowledge, experience, and passion to developing a health and fitness service that caters to the people that need it most.

“My vision is to not only create a valuable and effective service, but to create a health and fitness movement that impacts communities as well as individuals”.


  • ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist
  • Masters Degree in Sports Coaching (Hon)
  • Bachelors Degree in Human Movement and Health
  • Certificate of Fitness for Older Adults
  • Certificate in Human Nutrition
  • Cert III and IV in Fitness
  • Fundamental Movement Screening Level 1 & 2
  • Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Tony Boutagy GPP Level 1
  • Active Anatomy: Core and Pelvis Certification & Hip Rehab Cert
  • Gait Analysis & Retraining
  • Diploma in Business Administration


Dilys is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutrition coach.  With a background in dance, performing dance internationally in her youth, she is experienced in teaching dance and fitness classes.  After going through cancer operation and different injuies after 55, she has devoted herself to fitness and wellbeing.

She is passionate about coaching people in every stage of life to health and wellness, and would like to deliver attentive and exceptional service to everyone she serves.


  • Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness / Personal Training
  • Certificate in Exercise Nutrition PN Level 1
  • FIA Fitnation: Exercise for Older Adults
  • Fitness Education Online: Training the Bigger Clients
  • Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification
  • Registered with Fitness Australia
  • Master’s Degree in Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Be a part of something bigger.

We are always looking for passionate and experienced people to join Community Moves. Email to express your interest.